Govern Add-On: Take control of your instrumentation

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This article will help you:

  • Initialize and manage your Schema.
  • Configure the way Amplitude handles unexpected events and properties.
  • Transform your data and clean up instrumentation mistakes.

Govern Add-On —formerly Taxonomy (SCHEMA)—is a paid add-on, available to Growth and Enterprise customers that gives instrumentation managers complete control over their instrumentation, and end-users more confidence and clarity in their data. You can find Govern Add-On taxonomy features by clicking data_management_icon.png and selecting Govern from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Each project has its own schema configuration. 

Before you begin

  • You must be a Manager or Admin to make changes to events and the Schema.
  • The Schema features available for Starter plans include adding event descriptions, editing display names, and categorizing events. Users on Starter plans can also export their event schema.
  • Growth and Enterprise customers who purchase Govern Add-On have access to the Schema Initialization, Instrumentation planning, Data Validation and Transformations features.
  • Taxonomy API, which can help you programmatically maintain your event schema, is also available to Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise plans. See article here for more details. 

Use Govern Add-On to take control of your data management

Govern Add-On gives you additional features to make use of the Schema to plan events and properties, validate your data, and transform your data. For instructions on how to perform these tasks, just click on the links below.