Amplitude Support: Chat policy

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Welcome to Amplitude! If you have any questions or technical issues while using Amplitude, here's how to get help through Chat Support. 

This article will cover the policies around the Chat channel, as well as when and how to use it.

Chat channel policy

Different support channels are available depending on your plan type. Live chat is available for users on premium plans, from from 4am-5pm Pacific (North America) Time.

When to use chat

Live chat is best for questions that would take an hour or less to resolve within Chat. 

Issues that are most appropriate for chat include things like:

  • Feature clarification
  • Clarification of basic concepts
  • Short troubleshooting issues
  • Administrative or service tasks

For these, please either use Chat OR Ticket/Email for your inquiry.

Issues that might be better as a support ticket include:

  • Data discrepancies
  • Deep-dive troubleshooting
  • Bug reports
  • Conversations that would take longer than one hour

Plan-related Questions 

For questions regarding your plan, billing, or new features, please select "Plan-related Questions" in the Chat Bot. The Chat Bot will surface your Amplitude account team contacts. 

Feature Requests

For feature requests, please submit them through the in-product Digital Customer Success Center with the "Get Feedback" form.



How do I start a Chat session?

If you would like to start a Chat session, you can find the support options available to you via the in-product Digital Customer Success Center. You will find the Digital Customer Success Center via the Amplitude "Help" icon in the bottom right corner.