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This article will help you:

  • Create your first organization in Amplitude

In Amplitude, all your analyses will live within a larger project. Projects, in turn, are contained within organizations. For most companies, one organization will be enough to effectively manage their Amplitude projects. The number of projects you’ll need will depend on your company’s analytics practices and requirements; however, the number of projects you can create will depend on the specifics of your Amplitude plan. Please see our pricing page for details.

NOTE: You may want to take this course on administering Amplitude in our Academy.

If you’re the first person in your company to register for an Amplitude account, you will be asked to create an organization. We strongly recommend using your company’s name for that organization.

Create an organization 

Before you can create an organization, you will need to create an Amplitude account and verify your email. Once you’ve done that, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to gear_icon_for_settings.png > Create Organization.
  2. In the Create Organization modal, type in the name you want to give your Amplitude organization. As stated above, it should be the same as your company’s name.


  1. Next, enter the organization’s name in the Org URL field. This will create an Amplitude directory for your organization and is used to identify your organization when you log in.
  2. To make your organization discoverable for other team members to join automatically, check the box next to Anyone with your domain can join. You will not need to approve new members.
  3. Click Create to create your organization.
  4. Once Amplitude has finished creating your organization, navigate to Settings → Access & SSO Settings. Scroll down to the Org Discovery panel and specify whether your organization will be an open org (new users can join without an invitation or explicit approval), or whether it will be accessible to new users via invite only or through admin approval. The default setting is "invite only."

If you wish to change your organization name or URL, please send a request from the Amplitude Support page with your org ID, new organization name, and new organization URL.

Check out this article to learn about managing your organization.

Now that you’ve created your Amplitude organization, it’s time to create your first project.