Govern: Manage your Amplitude data at scale

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This article will help you:

  • Manage event types, event properties, and user properties.
  • Manage your block list and Schema settings.
  • Configure the way Amplitude handles unexpected events and properties.

Amplitude’s Govern feature gives you multiple ways to manage your Amplitude data from within a single interface. Govern gives you the tools to conduct data management at scale, including bulk event approval, blocking, deletion, and un-deletion directly from the user interface.

Before you begin

All plan types have Govern features, however additional data management tools are available with the purchase of the Govern Add-On. Govern Add-On gives you additional features to make use of the Schema to plan events and properties, validate your data, and transform your data. More details on the add-on can be found here

Understand the Govern interface

You can access the Govern panel—along with data sources and data destinations—by clicking data_management_icon.png and selecting it from the drop-down. Access your project settings under Org Settings > Projects

To begin, select the project you wish to work in from the project selector drop-down menu at the top of the Govern panel.  


Whenever you first access the Govern panel, you'll be directed by default to the Home tab, a dashboard that gives you a quick, informative overview of several important metrics.

Across the top, you'll see totals for several different kinds of events: unexpected events, uncategorized events, and those with missing descriptions. Clicking on the uncategorized events and missing descriptions panels will open the Events tab and apply a filter, restricting the list to the appropriate events. (Be sure to see our article on managing events and properties for more information.)

When you click on the unexpected events panel, Amplitude will open the unexpected errors dashboard, listing all the unexpected events, event properties, and user properties Amplitude has received from your product.

NOTE: The unexpected errors dashboard is only available to customers on an Enterprise plan, because it requires access to both the Insight and Govern add-ons.

A bit lower, you'll see the total tallies for event types, event properties, and user properties, along with your allotted limits of each. Note that this is separate from your event volume limit.

Beneath that, you'll find a chart listing your company's top Amplitude users alongside a chart showing employee MAUs. Both of these charts can also be found in the Usage Reports section of Amplitude.

Finally, in the left-side rail, you'll find links that take you to the unexpected errors dashboard (discussed above) and to the change log. The change long lists every change made to events and properties by users in your organization.

There are nine other tabs in the Govern panel: Events, Event Properties, User Properties, Derived Properties, Warehouse Properties, Groups, Group Properties, Channels, and Advanced, each of which provides tools for managing the various data types you'll track with Amplitude. 

Use Govern to manage your events and properties

Govern gives you a central location where you can create, edit, manage, block, and delete events, event properties, and user properties. For instructions on how to perform these tasks, click the links below.

Manage events, event properties, and user properties

Block and delete events and properties

Govern Add-On: The Schema and advanced data management