Use Atlassian Smart Links with Amplitude

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This article will help you:

  • Include chart previews in Confluence documents and Jira tickets

You can now include previews of your Amplitude charts in Confluence documents or Jira tickets. Just paste the chart URL into Confluence, Trello, or Jira, and choose whether you'd like the preview to display inline or as a card. Atlassian calls this feature .

Smart Links are supported by all Amplitude chart types except Personas, Pathfinder, Data Tables, and Experiment Results.

To create previews of your Amplitude charts with Smart Links, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the URL for the chart you'd like to share, then paste it into your Confluence document, Trello card, or Jira ticket.
  2. If this is the first time you're trying to use the Smart Links feature from your Amplitude account, you will be asked to permit Atlassian to access Amplitude. Click Allow.
  3. Once you've pasted your URL, you will see the Smart Link menu appear directly below it.


    You can have the chart display inline, or you can choose to display it as a preview card instead.

To disconnect from Smart Links, navigate here and look for "Atlassian Links - Amplitude."